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Edinburgh Luxury Townhouse              special occasion ... special venue

Terms and conditions




By making a booking with us, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions listed below.


The owners (or their agent) do not have any liability for any of the guest's personal items and feel it is very important that the tenant(s) are adequately protected against unforeseen eventualities, both prior to and during your holiday. We therefore strongly recommend that the guest(s) consider taking out holiday insurance.


This let is for a private residential property and lived in by the owners part of year and it is expected that the guests shall look after the house as it was their own and ensure that all doors are locked and electrical appliances turned off when not in use.


The guests shall not use the house for any offensive, noisy or noxious purposes which may be a disturbance to owners (or their agent) or occupiers of neighbouring properties.


The guests agree to pay the owners (or their agent) for any chargeable personal telephone calls they have made form the property's land line.


The owners (or their agent) shall have no contractual liability to the tenant(s) in respect of the facilities, accommodation and activities provided.


This is a private residential let and it is possible that services may not be available due to factors beyond the control of the owners.


The owners (or their agent) are not liable for any injury, loss or damage sustained or incurred by the guest(s) resulting from any act or omission.


The guests agree to fully indemnify the owners (or their agent) from and against all or any costs, claims, liabilities, damages and expenses arising directly or indirectly from or relating to any act or omission that results in loss to the owners (or their agent) and cannot be claimed via their buildings and contents insurance.


The owners have no liability or responsibility in relation to any services provided at the property by third party suppliers.

If any provision of the Terms is found to be invalid the validity of that provision shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions of the Terms which shall remain in full force and effect.


The guest(s) may not assign, sub-licence or otherwise transfer any of your rights under the Terms.


The owners (or their agent) shall not be liable for any failure in the course of this agreement if the same shall arise out of any event beyond the reasonable control of them. This shall include without limitation government intervention, wars, civil commotion, hijacking, fire, flood, accident, storm, strikes, lockouts, terrorist attacks.


Payment of Bookings


No booking is made until a deposit is received. Provisional bookings are not accepted, and issue or return of our booking form does not constitute a confirmed booking unless and until receipt of deposit.

A minimum non-refundable deposit of 15% of the total sum due is payable in all circumstances.


If booked via another website, this is paid to the agent for their commission. The remainder of the cost of your booking is required to be paid directly to the owner eight weeks prior to arrival, unless other arrangments are requested and notified to owner at time of booking (eg payment on arrival)


Should payment not be received by the due date, you may be deemed to have cancelled the booking and will be liable to pay 50% of the balance. Although the owner may send a reminder, payment when due is the guest's resposibility.


The owner has the right to cancel the booking without notice if payment is not made when due, or if full personal details are not provided as requested.

If you have fully prepaid your booking in advance you need only pay any extras (telephone calls etc.)



Should cancellation be made by the guest after booking is confirmed but before balance is paid, the deposit is non-refundable under any circumstances. If cancellation is made less than 16 weeks before arrival, 50% of the balance is payable.

Should the guest cancel after having paid in full but prior to arriving, they will receive a refund of £100.

In the unlikely event of the owners cancelling your booking, for any other reason than non payment of balance when due or force majeur, you will receive a full refund of any money paid to us. In this event, no other compensation will be due.


It is recommended that all guests obtain comprehensive travel insurance to cover any non refundable costs or due payments caused by cancellation.


Security Deposit

A refundable security / damages deposit of £400 is required to be paid by all parties, no later than 7 days before arrival. This is to cover excess costs incurred including significant damages and breakages, losses and missing items, including keys, excess cleaning, cleansing following evidence of smoking, replacement of locks or key safe if damaged, travel expenses if the owners have to let you into house due to loss of keys, or locking yourselves out, makeup damage to towels and bedding etc.


In the unlikely event of having to withold any or all of this deposit, a full breakdown of reasons for this and details of any costs incurred.



Towels and bedding are provided for your use and the guests agree to put used bedding and towels in the bath on departure. This allows the guests to receive preferential check out times.



The property is completely non-smoking. If you are smoking in the private entranceway or in the rear garedn, used butts must not be left on the ground.


Treatment of property

We expect you to care for the townhouse as you would your own property. While we put no limitations on parties etc, we would expect you to leave the house in a reasonable state of cleanliness on departure, including vacuuming if you have been using confetti or similar messy items, bagging and binning rubbish, locking doors and windows, closing outside gate etc.


Arrival and Check out times

Default times are 4pm on day of arrival, 11am on day of departure. On most rental dates, these times are flexible, but only by prior agreement.


Governing Law

The Terms shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Scotland and if you intend to take legal action in relation to the Terms and/or the Website you agree that the Scottish courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction.